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Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Kindness! Are you feeling the effects of kindness radiating around you yet? It’s amazing how doing a simple act of kindness can come back to you in many ways. Today’s act of kindness for Day 3 is:

Surprise someone by doing a chore for them

We all have typical chores that we have to accomplish each day, but how nice would it be if you came to find out that someone stepped in and helped you out! The element of surprise in this act of kindness is pivotal. So do the dishes for your wife. Take out the garbage without being asked. Help someone with a task that maybe they typically conquer by themselves. They will appreciate the extra help!

These yummy Christmas cookies offer the same element of surprise, a sweet maraschino cherry inside! This recipe creates cookies that are light and winter-esque and then they are topped with sweet cherry frosting and dusted with snowflake like powdered sugar. My variation of frosting these exudes a cookie full of flavorful frosting. Don’t forget about that sweet maraschino cherry surprise inside!