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My first encounter with the ever exclusive “Caesar” cocktail was at a hockey game. This combination seems fitting, because the caesar was developed in Canada. The cocktail is also consumed primarily in Canada. I guess living in North Dakota, those Canadian notables of hockey and caesars tend to rub off on people eh?

This drink for me has also always been synonmous with my husband. Prior to meeting him I was never much of a bloody mary connoisseur, let alone hockey or Canadian-esque accents either. But let me tell you, this man makes the best caesar ever.

So it seemed natural to collaborate with him to create this loaded cocktail that pairs this fulfilling, spicy cocktail with all of the wonderful add-ins that really make it a meal in a glass!

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to be in the kitchen. I love being in the kitchen period, but when I get to cook with him it makes me extra happy. We typically cook together when we have friends coming over and he mans the grill, while I finagle the sides. 

Marriage is interesting in that way, how it really boils down to a strong foundation of teamwork. Seeking out each others interests and spending time doing both. I love cooking up items with hime and putting our Top Chef spin on each dish (a favorite of ours to watch together).

This is perfect for all those college basketball games that I will have to watch this weekend with my husband. Like I said, it’s all about teamwork, you’ve got to work together to learn new things, share hobbies, and understand what it is they love about those things. Working together creates greatness. Together is always stronger than one.

Back to the caesar, you can really add whatever bar food favorite you want on top of this cocktail as long as it will stand sturdy with a cocktail skewer. We opted for pickles, olives, bacon, pickled eggs, pickled asparagus, a pepper jack cheese slider on a hawaiian sweet bun, bacon, celery, shrimp, a beef stick and a cheese stick. 

What do you like to cook with your teamate? Cheers to marriage and teamwork and all the things that life brings with love. 

Loaded Caesar

1/4 c. vodka
2 t. celery salt
4 t. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 t. pepper
4 T. pickle juice
1-2 c. Clamato
tabasco  to taste

We used quart size mason jars for this cocktail. Fill your glass 3/4 full with ice. Pour in vodka first and then add in celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, pickle juice, and tabasco to taste. Fill the remainder of the glass with Clamato, which is tomato juice with the addition of clam broth. 

Next add in your garnishes. We like to put pickles and olives right in the drink. Ideas for skewer items include: pickled eggs, pickled asparagus, celery, beef sticks, cheese sticks, bacon, chicken strips, banana peppers, sliders, pickled green beans, onion rings, french fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and shrimp. Cheers!