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It’s today! National Ice Cream Day is today! To celebrate we savored some tasty treats from Java Cow Coffee and Ice Cream in Park City, Utah this weekend. I will have more for you soon from our fun trip to Utah (Huckleberry Pinwheel Cookies and some Olympic fun), but first before our ice cream melts. We devoured the honey lavender ice cream and chocolate ice cream at Java Cow. The honey lavender was so delicious, it smelled like the sweet scent of lavender but was mixed with the perfect notes of honey to satisfy my sweet tooth. My sister Riley loved the plain jane chocolate ice cream. I could tell by the looks of it that it was extra creamy and decadent. Here are a few ice cream recipes here, here, and here to help you keep cool. We ate our ice cream in golden, crispy waffle cones, but I wanted to share this fun idea to eat your ice cream in a taco! Here is a fun recipe to try with your ice cream. 



If ice cream isn’t cool enough, here are a few other tips on how to keep your cool in life. 

  1. Look for the big picture – the next time you are super stressed, stop and ask yourself if this will affect you in an hour, a day, one week, or a year. It’s likely it won’t, so don’t let it control you. 
  2. Worry about what you CAN control – often times I see people that are so worried about things in their life that they have no control over. Focus on those elements you can control, your attitude, the way you present yourself, and your actions. 
  3. Practice patience – practicing patience allows you to learn how to stay calm when stress knocks on your door. So wait in the longest line or walk inside to get your food to go.
  4. Take deep breaths – when you find yourself getting anxious take a deep breath. Breathe in for 10 seconds through your nose and breathe out through your mouth  for ten seconds. I love to teach my students how to breathe in (smell the flowers) and breath out (pull a long piece of spaghetti out). Having the visualization is a great reminder of how to take a slow, deep breath. 

How are you staying cool for National Ice Cream Day? Thanks to my sister Riley for being our ice cream taste tester. I heard it was a tough gig.